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Dr Alberto JosÚ SesÚ Abad
Dr Alberto JosÚ SesÚ Abad
Senior Lecturer
Behavioural Science Methodology
  • Despatx A-214Segons pisGuillem Cifre de Colonya

    Dr Alberto JosÚ SesÚ Abad


    Brief CV

    Albert SesÚ (MD and PhD) (Spain, 1970) is a Full Professor of the Department of Psychology of the Balearic Islands University. He held various academic management positions for 12 years, as for example Full Dean of the Faculty of Psychology. He also regularly participates in expert panels for quality management in academic institutions of higher education. His teaching expertise area is Methodology of Behavioral and Health Sciences, and specifically Psychometrics. His teaching career started at 1995 in the University of Valencia and continued to the present in the Balearic Islands University. Prof. SesÚ teaches degree, master, and doctorate level subjects such us applied and advanced statistics, and of course, basic and advanced psychometrics.

    Dr. SesÚ obtained the First Extraordinary Award of the Bachelor of Psychology (1994), the Third Spanish National Award on Psychology (1995), and the Extraordinary Award of Doctorate in 2004. He also was the Early Career Award of the Stress and Anxiety Research Society (STAR) in 2008. Recently, he was nominated as the Best Psychologist in Spain for 2016. He also is the recipient of the STAR Lifetime Career Award of the year 2020.

    His dedication to research in psychology is well represented by a large number of competitive projects and grants. He has been recognized with three six-year periods of excellent research by the 'Spanish Agency for Evaluation and Foresight'. Currently his main dedication is focused on the study of evidence-based practice in Psychology, the study of anxiety and attitudes toward statistics, adolescents drug consumption and prediction models of suicidal behavior in university students.

    As major affiliations, Dr. SesÚ is past president of the STAR, vicepresident of the European Association of Methodology of Behavioral Sciences (EAM), and member of the International Test Commission and the Royal Psychometric Society.


    Office Hours

    Lecturer Tutorial Times
    Start Date End Date Day Start Time End Time Location
    21/12/2020 12/07/2021 Monday 11.30 12.30 Despatx A-214 Edifici Guillem Cifre de Colonya

    Subjects taught. Academic Year 2020-21

    Subjects taught
    Subject Information
    21360 - Evaluation of Psychology Programmes
    21315 - Psychometrics
    10502 - Ergonomics and Psychosociology Speciality
    10128 - Master's Thesis
    10722 - Psychometric Techniques in Validating Constructs

    Teaching, 5 previous years

    Subject Information
    10128 - Master's Thesis
    10502 - Ergonomics and Psychosociology Speciality
    10722 - Psychometric Techniques in Validating Constructs
    11026 - Master's Thesis
    • Master's in Human Resources Management. Psychological and Pedagogical Intervention2017-18, 2018-19
    21304 - Foundations of Applied Statistics in Health Sciences
    21315 - Psychometrics
    22706 - Applied Statistics in Health Sciences
    • Degree in Nursing (2016 syllabus)2016-17


    Research groups

    Group Membership type
    Data analysis Member
    Health at Work (Occupational Risk Prevention - ORP) Collaborator
    Google+ UIB