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Dr Bartolomé Pascual Fuster

Dr Bartolomé Pascual Fuster
Senior lecturer
Financial Economics and Accounting
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Brief CV

Associate Professor ('Titular de Universidad') in the Department of Business Economics at the 'Universitat de les Illes Balears' (UIB). Diploma ('Diplomado') in Business Sciences from the UIB (1993). Degree ('Licenciado') in Economics and Business Administration from the UIB (1995). Doctor in Economics from the UIB (2000) with an extraordinary award (2004).

Teaching experience in studies of Business Administration, Economy and Tourism, teaching financial economics subjects. He is currently the Director of the Department of Business Economics at the UIB. He has been co-director of the Master 'Asesoría Financiera y Gestión Patrimonial' at the UIB. Secretary of the Department of Business Economics of the UIB from 2007 to 2016.

Researcher specialized in financial economics with publications in international journals of finance and business. Award for the best work on equities at the 2009 Finance Forum (AEFIN), and for the best work on regulatory issues at the 2013 Finance Forum (AEFIN).

Researcher in Competitive Research Projects since 2001, principal investigator in the 2017 call. Speaker of the Corporate Governance Observatory of the Financial Studies Foundation, dependent on the 'Instituto de Analistas Financieros' (2006-2010). Associate Editor of the Spanish Journal of Finance and Accounting since 2020.

Main Publications

Ruth V. Aguilera, Ryan Federo, Bartolome Pascual-Fuster and Rafel Crespi-Cladera (2023). The Corporate Governance of Business Groups: What We Know and What Lies Ahead. Annals of Corporate Governance: Vol. 7: No. 3, pp 152-251.

Pascual-Fuster, B., & Crespí-Cladera, R. (2022) Optimal board independence with gray independent directors. BRQ Business Research Quarterly, 25(2), 193-209.

Crespí-Cladera, R., Martín-Oliver, A., & Pascual-Fuster, B. (2021) Financial distress in the hospitality industry during the Covid-19 disaster. Tourism Management,

Aguilera, R. V, Crespí-Cladera, R., Infantes, P. M., & Pascual-Fuster, B. (2020). Business groups and internationalization : Effective identification and future agenda. Journal of World Business, 55.

Pascual-Fuster, Bartolomé, & Crespí-Cladera, R. (2018). Politicians in the boardroom: Is it a convenient burden? Corporate Governance: An International Review, 26, 448-470.

Crespí-Cladera, R., & Pascual-Fuster, B. (2015). Executive directors' pay, networks and operating performance: The influence of ownership structure. Journal of Accounting and Public Policy, 34(2), 175-203.

Crespí-Cladera, R., & Pascual-Fuster, B. (2014). Does the independence of independent directors matter? Journal of Corporate Finance, 28, 116-134.

Pascual, R., & Pascual-Fuster, B. (2014). The relative contribution of ask and bid quotes to price discovery. Journal of Financial Markets, 20, 129-150.

Pascual-Fuster, Bartolomé, & Pérez-Rodríguez, J. V. (2007). Volatility transmission for cross-listed firms and the role of international exposure. Japan and the World Economy, 19(3), 303-328.

Pascual, R., Pascual-Fuster, B., & Climent, F. (2006). Cross-listing, price discovery and the informativeness of the trading process. Journal of Financial Markets, 9(2), 144-161.

Pascual-Fuster, B., Climent, F., & Pascual, R. (2004). The contributon of the New York Stock Exchange in the price discovery process of the main ADRs. Revista Espanola de Financiacion y Contabilidad, 33(120).


Office Hours

Lecturer Tutorial Times
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08/02/2024 31/07/2024 Tuesday 15.00 16.00 DB109/Jovellanos i Sala Teams per tutories

Teaching, 5 previous years

Subject Information
20509 - Tourism Marketing I
  • Degree in Tourism2022-23
  • Double degree in Economics and Tourism2022-23
21207 - Corporate Investment and Financing Decisions
21222 - Final Degree Project in Business Administration
  • Degree in Business Administration2022-23


Research groups

Group Membership type
Corporate Goveranace and Finance (GOFICO) Member


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