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Dr Andreu Antoni Moią Pol

Dr Andreu Antoni Moią Pol
Contract lecturer with a PhD
Mechanical Engineering
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Brief CV

Dr. Andreu Moią Pol is an Associate Professor, member of the Area of ​​Mechanical Engineering from the Physics Department and Researcher from the 'Energy Management Engineering Group GREEN' . Expert in Energy Efficiency and Certification of Buildings, Facilities and Renewable Energy. He currently Director of the Master of Almost Zero impact Buildings, which is composed by three expert courses, one in Certification, Energy Efficiency and Management, another in Renewable Energy and another in designer of Almost Zero impact and Energy Buildings.
He was designer of facilities in Buildings. Has been Director of the Waste Reduction Office from the Environment Department government. Since 2002 he is assistant Professor from the UIB and has been involve with numerous Associations, Businesses and Public Administration through Partnership agreements on topics of energy efficiency, renewable energies and design of new energy systems.


Office Hours

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Thesis advising

Thesis advisor during the academic year 2023-24 for the following PHD programmes:

Teaching, 5 previous years

Subject Information
11327 - Industrial Infrastructure
11329 - Master's Thesis
11615 - Agro-industrial Facilities
11625 - Master's Thesis
20362 - Facilities I
20374 - Facilities II
22404 - Graphic Expression and Computer Aided Design
22425 - Industrial Projects
  • Degree in Automation and Industrial Electronic Engineering2021-22, 2022-23
22443 - Renewable Energies
22447 - Practical Placements I
  • Degree in Automation and Industrial Electronic Engineering2021-22


Research groups

Group Membership type
Energy Engineering Research Group (GREEN) Member
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