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Dr Inmaculada Riquelme Agulló

Dr Inmaculada Riquelme Agulló
Senior lecturer
Nursing and Physiotherapy (deputy director)
  • Despatx 205segon pisMargalida Comas i Camps


Brief CV

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Office Hours

Lecturer Tutorial Times
Start Date End Date Day Start Time End Time Location
26/03/2024 01/06/2024 Monday 09.00 10.00 205 Margalida Comas

Teaching, 5 previous years

Subject Information
10557 - Training in Social and Communication Skills for Health Professionals
  • Master's Degree in Early Childhood: Perspectives and Lines of Intervention2022-23
  • Master's Degree in Health and Life Quality Research2022-23
11134 - Biopsychosocial Interventions with Sufferers of Sensory-based Motor Disorde
11138 - Master's Thesis
  • Master's Degree in Health and Life Quality Research2019-20
11253 - Plasticity and Neurorehabilitation
11254 - Master's Thesis
11849 - Social Skills and Emotional Intelligence: Intervention Programmes
  • Master's Degree in Health Research and Innovation2022-23
11861 - Master's Thesis
  • Master's Degree in Health Research and Innovation2022-23
21655 - Medical-Surgical Complaints
21657 - General Procedures in Physiotherapy I
21663 - Physiotherapy in Traumatology Physiotherapy, Orthopaedics and Rheumatology
21664 - Physiotherapy in Traumatology, Orthopaedics and Rheumatology
21665 - Neurological Physiotherapy I
21670 - Neurological Physiotherapy II
21674 - Neurological Physiotherapy III
21676 - Final Degree Project in Physiotherapy
22770 - Physiotherapy in Gerontology
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