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Dr Manuel González Hidalgo
Dr Manuel González Hidalgo
Senior Lecturer
Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science
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    Dr Manuel González Hidalgo


    Brief CV

    Degree in Mathematics, Specialty General Mathematics, Guidance Mathematical Analysis, by the University of Valencia in 1988. PhD. in Computer Science by the University of the Balearic Islands (UIB) in 1995, with a thesis on image segmentation using variational methods, in both gray level and color images.

    Since 1988 he is professor in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science (UIB). He is currently Associate Professor in the area of knowledge of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence. His Teaching activity, in the degree level, has passed through Faculty of Sciences of the UIB, the old School of Enterprise and Informatics of the UIB, and from 1993-94 he divides his teaching activity between the studies of degree in Mathematics and other degrees of the Higher Polytechnic School (EPS) of the University of the Balearic Islands. Currently he teaches his teaching at the Mathematics degree assigned to the EPS . Some of the subjects taught in the last three years are:

    2764 - Extension of Geometry
    2786 - Academically Directed Work
    2767 - Mathematical Analysis III
    2770 - Geometry and Topology
    4706 - Writing and Presentation of Technical Documents
    20301 - Mathematics II - Calculus
    20304 - Documentation and Communication Technical
    20308 - Introduction to Mathematical Analysis
    20322 - Differential Geometry

    As for postgraduate and doctoral studies he has taught subjects like: '8698 - Modelling of curves and surfaces I: curves',' 7003 - Modelling of curves and surfaces', '8435 - Advanced Techniques and applications of modeling of curves and surfaces '' 7883 - Advanced Computer Graphics Methods (I): modeling of 3D scenes' and '10923 - Numerical Methods'.

    Degree Thesis advisor: Enrique Ferrer Mulet (Texture segmentation using wavelet transform; degree in Computer Science), Pere Manel Mulet I Ferrer (Study and acquisition of signals in the LabView programming environment: programming of wavelet transform; degree in Computer Science) . Fco. Javier Marín Tur (Treatment of parameterized curves and surfaces (B-Splines and NURBS using Mathematica, degree in Mathematics)), Juan Gabriel Gomila Salas (Study of conic and some surfaces using NURBS, degree in Mathematics), Aitor Gozalo Mas (Objective comparison of edge detectors in digital images, degree in Mathematics, co-advisor: S. Massanet)

    The research areas of interest included computer vision, image analysis, modeling and animation of deformable objects, analysis and synthesis of human movement, medical imaging and 3D modeling, and recently the study of aggregation operators and their applications to image processing and analysis, focusing on the fuzzy mathematical morphology and its applications. Member of the research group SCOPIA 'Soft Computing, Image Processing and Aggregation' and regular collaborator with the research group 'Computer Graphics and Vision and AI Group (UGiVIA)'. This research activity has been reflected in scientific publications in international journals and in papers presented at national and international conferences. It is referee for several journals of reference in his research fields, has organized several congress and special sessions, and different scientific activities.

    PhD. Thesis advisor: S. Massanet (image processing using fuzzy mathematical morphology based on discrete t-norms, Co-advisor: J. Torrens), P. Palmer Rodriguez (Dynamic simulation and deformation of parametric surfaces, Co-advisor: A. Mir) and P. Bibiloni (Curvilinear Object Detection with Fuzzy Mathematical Morphology for Grayscale and Color Medical Imagery, Co-advisor: S. Massamet)


    Office Hours

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    Subjects taught. Academic Year 2019-20

    Subjects taught
    Subject Degree/campus
    20328 - Complex Variable Functions
    20317 - Integral Calculus with Diverse Variables
    11761 - Image and Video Analysis
    11644 - Statistical Learning and Decision-Making II

    Teaching, 5 previous years

    Subject Degree
    11644 - Statistical Learning and Decision-Making II
    11660 - Practical Placements
    • Master's in Big Data Analysis in Economics and Business2017-18, 2018-19
    20308 - Introduction to Mathematical Analysis
    20317 - Integral Calculus with Diverse Variables
    20322 - Differential Geometry
    20328 - Complex Variable Functions
    • Degree in Mathematics2018-19
    • Double degree in Mathematics and Telematics Engineering2018-19
    20331 - Geometry and Topology of Varieties


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