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Dr Francisco José Perales López
Dr Francisco José Perales López
Full Professor
Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science
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    Dr Francisco José Perales López


    Brief CV

    I have received a 1986 degree in Computer Science by the University Autňnoma de Barcelona, and a Ph.D. in Computer Science (1993) by the University de les Illes Balears. Since 1986 I am University Lecturer (Titular Universidad) at the University of the Balearic Islands. I have taught several courses such as programming, computer graphics and computer vision.
    I am the director of the UGIVIA research group and collaborator of the IUNICS (neuroscience section) research centre. My research interests cover several topics such as human-machine interaction, artificial intelligence and their applications.


    Office Hours

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    Teaching, 5 previous years

    Subject Degree
    11553 - Computer Vision
    11566 - Augmented Reality
    11571 - Master's Thesis
    • Master's in Computer Engineering2015-16
    20302 - Programming - Computer Studies I
    • Degree in Computer Engineering (2014 syllabus)2018-19
    21714 - Computer Graphics
    21724 - Internet Distributed Application and User Interfaces
    21766 - Graphic User Interfaces


    Research groups

    Group Membership type
    Computer Graphics and Vision and AI Group (UGiVpOeIA) Main researcher


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