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Dr Antoni Ordinas Garau

Dr Antoni Ordinas Garau
Senior lecturer
Human geography
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Brief CV

Graduated and Extraordinary Degree Award (1985), PhD in Geography (1996) and Professor of Human Geography at the Department of Earth Sciences (UIB) from the 1990/91 academic year. He has taught at the undergraduate and degree of Geography, degree in tourism, degree in Primary Education and a PhD in Geography and several postgraduates. His research is based on change and transformation of the space and rural society, cultural geography, the study of the relationship between geography and place names and their applications in terminology geography, cartography and geography teaching. Member of the research groups 'Education and Geography of Perception', 'Rural change, human mobility, tourism and territory'; and 'Studies of culture, society, communication and contemporary thought '(IRIE). He has participated in 73 conferences and 56 projects and research contracts. Author with more than 180 publications (43 books and 76 book chapters), he has published in specialized magazines in the field of social science like Educational Studies, Island Studies Journal, Education Sciences, Voprosy Onomastiki, Ruralia revue de l'Association des ruralistes français, Scripta Nova, Disparidades revista de Antropología, Lurralde: investigación y espacio, Boletín de la Asociación de Geógrafos Españoles, Revista Complutense de Educación, Cuadernos geográficos, Documents d'Anàlisi Geogràfica, Cuadernos de Turismo, Ager revista de Estudios sobre Despoblación y Desarrollo Rural, Investigaciones Geográficas, Anales de Geografía de la Universidad Complutense, Didáctica Geográfica, Butlletí Interior de la Societat d'Onomàstica, Territoris, Estudis d'història agrària, Treballs de Geografia, Onomàstica, Estudis Baleàrics, Lluc, El Mirall, Eivissa, Pissarra and Palau Reial 1, among others. He has held various academic positions and university management, such as the director of the Department of Geography (2016), Deputy Director of the Department of Earth Sciences (2008-2016), co-director of the Master Teacher Training (2009-2017) and vice president of the Society of Onomastics (2013-2019).


Office Hours

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Teaching, 5 previous years

Subject Information
10704 - Master's Thesis
  • Master's Degree in Teacher Training2019-20
10744 - Catalan: Language of the Specialty of Geography and History
10746 - Complement to the Specialty of Geography and History 1: Contextualisation of the Speciality Subject Matter
22114 - Social Sciences and Teaching I (Geography)
22126 - Practical Placements on the Degree in Primary Education I
22132 - Final Degree Project in Primary Education


Research groups

Group Membership type
Research Group in Education and Behavioural Geography (GIEGP) Member
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