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Antonio Sola Venteo
Antonio Sola Venteo
Associate Lecturer
Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science
  • Despatx CTI 115Entres˛lAnselm Turmeda

    Antonio Sola Venteo


    Brief CV

    I have received a bachelor's degree in 1989 by the University of Balearic Islands, and a master in ICT by the University of Balearic Islands. I am Associate Professor at the University of the Balearic Islands. CCNA and CCNP instructor. I have taught several courses such as Computer Networks II, New Technologies in Tourism, Computer Network Management, Data Communications and Networks, ICT áSecurity and Technologies Laboratory Computer Networks.

    My research interest is about ICT and security in the environment of smart cities.


    Office Hours

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    Teaching, 5 previous years

    Subject Degree
    21713 - Data Communication and Networks
    21748 - Security in Information Systems
    21754 - Security in Networks and Services
    21757 - Management of Systems and Computer Installations
    • Degree in Computer Engineering (2010 syllabus)2018-19
    • Degree in Computer Engineering (2014 syllabus)2018-19
    21758 - Advanced Networks
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