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Dr Joan Lluís Llinàs Begon
Dr Joan Lluís Llinàs Begon
Senior Lecturer
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    Dr Joan Lluís Llinàs Begon


    Brief CV

    Professor of Modern Philosophy at the UIB. He has been chair of the Department of Philosophy and Social Work (2011-2015). Currently he is Vice Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy and Director of the bachelor's degree in Philosophy. He has focused his research on sixteenth and seventeenth century philosophers, especially Montaigne and Descartes. His principal books include "Michel de Montaigne. Essays on Education" (Editor, ed. Biblioteca Nueva, 2015), "Montaigne. Texts on Education" (Ed. Eumo, 2012, introductory study and selection of texts), "The human being in Montaigne" (Ed. Proa, 2009; Carles Rahola Essay Award, 2008), "History of Modern Philosophy I: Machiavelli Descartes" (Eds. UIB, 2009), and "Education, Philosophy and Scripture. Montaigne" (Eds. UIB, 2001). His latest publications are "Autobiographical writing as a philosophical activity: from Montaigne to Rousseau" (in Rousseau's Legacy 1712-2012, Ed. Editum, 2013, pp. 113-125); "Philosophy as a form of life: a montaignien Descartes?" Montaigne Studies XXV (2013): 169-176; "About Concepts and Philosophy. Montaigne's experience and its repercussions on Descartes' philosophy" Cuadernos Salmantinos de Filosofía 40 (2013): 71-84; "Montaigne and Platon" BSAM 56/2 (2012): 113-125; "Montaigne and Descartes: two modern proposals for life", Yearbook of the Catalan Society of Philosophy 23 (2012): 121-134.


    Office Hours

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    Subjects taught. Academic Year 2020-21

    Subjects taught
    Subject Degree/campus
    20909 - Modern Philosophy I
    20900 - Philosophy in the Current World
    11419 - Key Issues in the Theory of Modern and Contemporary Knowledge
    10873 - Research and Development in Education

    Teaching, 5 previous years

    Subject Degree
    10704 - Master's Thesis
    10873 - Research and Development in Education
    11410 - Philosophy Study Methods
    11416 - Current Approaches to the Historiography of Modern Thinking 2
    11419 - Key Issues in the Theory of Modern and Contemporary Knowledge
    20909 - Modern Philosophy I
    20913 - Modern Philosophy II
    20929 - Final Degree Project
    20935 - Modern Philosophy Issues


    Research groups

    Group Membership type
    Research group on modern and contemporary scientific and philosophical thought (F&C) Main researcher


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