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Dr Ramón Molina De Dios
Dr Ramón Molina De Dios
Contract Lecturer with a PhD
Economic Institutions and History
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    Dr Ramón Molina De Dios


    Brief CV

    Born in Palma (Mallorca) in 1955, Ramon Molina is a lecturer in the Department of Applied Economics at the Universitat de les Illes Balears (UIB). He holds a Ph.D. cum laude in History by the UIB (2002). Areas of expertise: History and Economic Institutions.
    Former associate lecturer in the Departments of History, Economics and Business, and Applied Economics from 1993 to 2011, teaching the subjects World Economic History, Economic History of Spain, and History of preindustrial and industrial development. He has taught seminars at the Universities of Rome and Florence (Italy), Tula (Russia), Paderborn (Germany) Universitat Autonòma (Barcelona) an Tetouan (Morocco). As a researcher he has spent three months as a visiting researcher at the London School of Economics in London.
    His research has specialized in the study of the evolution of the living standard, the formation of labor markets in historical perspective, and the evolution of the Balearic economy of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. He has also conducted research on the application of industrial technology and the history of the railways. He has served as an investigator in four research projects sponsored by the Spanish Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas *(CSIC) and has been a member of the scientific committee in the last four national congress meetings in railway history.
    He has published his research in various scientific journals such as*Historia Industrial, Historia Agraria, Revista de Historia de la Economía y la Empresa, Estudis d'Història Econòmica, Randa and Transportes Servicios y Telecomunicaciones. He has authored a book about the evolution of the living standard in Mallorca co-authored three more. Currently, he is working on the on the development of agribusiness and the history of tourism and its impact on the transformation of the Mediterranean economies in the twentieth century.


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    21203 - Economic History of Enterprises

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    21203 - Economic History of Enterprises
    21222 - Final Degree Project


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    Economic History Group (GEHE) Member
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