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Dr Alejandro Nicolás Miquel Novajra

Dr Alejandro Nicolás Miquel Novajra
Senior lecturer
Social Anthropology
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Brief CV

Alejandro Miquel Novajra holds a degree in Sociology (1985) and a PhD in Social Anthropology (1991) from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Current Lecturer at University Balearic Islands in Social ​​Anthropology under Department of Philosophy.

Major researches undertaken: identity, Migrations and Cultures of Labour.

Member of research group PTS (Policy, Work and Sustainability); member of the European Association of Social Anthropologists (EASA) and president of the IAI (Institut d'Anthropologia des les Illes)

Some publications and book chapters from recent years: The Paradox of the Alternative to Democracy from Undemocratic Political Forms ( 2005); The Culture of 'Entrepreneurialism': Agrarianism in Services (2003); The Denial of Citizenship: Migratory Movements in Riutort, B. et alt (ed) Inquiries about Citizenship (2007); Economic Anthropology in Lisón Tolosana,C (ed.) Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology. Theory, Method and Practice. (2007) Consequences of Multiculturalism in the Balearic Islands in GREI (ed) Multiculturalism,Education & Society (2007); Ethnicity Versus Citizenship? A Tourist Economy's Approach, Mallorca (Spain) (2010); Ideology and Language Crisis AIRBIT (2014); The Arabian Autumn? Situation of The February 2011 in Ferreiro Galguera,F. & Ramos Aguirre,C (coord..) Proposals of the Arab Spring: Assessment Five Years after (2016)

With Gallo, J .; Molina, J .; Miquel, A .; Taltavull, J.M. Family Nursing Care Strategies for the Elderly Living Alone: ​​(2013); With Gallo, J .; Molina, J .; Novajra, A.M .; Touza, C. Equity in Socio-Health Resources Directed to the Elderly in Bioethics: Justice and Vulnerability (2013); With A. Cerdà and A. Piqueras, Work and Migrations, FES (2016)


Office Hours

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Teaching, 5 previous years

Subject Information
11126 - Residential and Family Environments in Elderly Healthcare
11210 - Advanced research into social and political studies
11215 - Master's Thesis
  • Master's Degree in Human Cognition and Evolution2023-24
20918 - Anthropology of Contemporary Societies
20929 - Final Degree Project
20937 - Urban Anthropology and Citizen Studies
21931 - Final Degree Project
21934 - Anthropology of Migrations
21935 - Anthropology of Health
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