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Ana Beatriz Pérez Zapata
Ana Beatriz Pérez Zapata
Associate lecturer

    Ana Beatriz Pérez Zapata


    Brief CV

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    Office Hours

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    Subjects taught. Academic Year 2020-21

    Subjects taught
    Subject Information
    21816 - Understanding English Grammar I

    Teaching, 5 previous years

    Subject Information
    20319 - English
    • Degree in Computer Engineering (2010 syllabus)2018-19
    20395 - English for Engineering
    • Degree in Computer Engineering (2014 syllabus)2018-19
    • Degree in Construction2019-20
    • Degree in Food and Agriculture Engineering and the Rural Environment2019-20
    • Degree in Mathematics2018-19, 2019-20
    • Degree in Telematics Engineering 2018-19, 2019-20
    21145 - Business English
    • Degree in Business Administration2017-18
    21375 - English for Health and Behavioural Sciences
    • Degree in Physiotherapy (2009 syllabus)2017-18
    • Degree in Physiotherapy (2016 syllabus)2017-18
    21800 - Comprehension and Interpretation of Academic Texts in the English Language
    21816 - Understanding English Grammar I
    21820 - Understanding English Grammar II
    21829 - Final Degree Project
    22035 - English Language and Culture
    • Degree in Early Childhood Education (2013 syllabus)2017-18


    Research groups

    Group Membership type
    Contemporary Anglophone Literatures (LITANGLO) Member
    Google+ UIB