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Dr Hipólito Medrano Gil
Dr Hipólito Medrano Gil
Full Professor
Plant Physiology

Dr Hipólito Medrano Gil


Brief CV

D. Hipólito Medrano Gil, DNI 16495641

Degree in Biology in the University of Barcelona (1975) and PhD in Biology from the same university (1992). Since 1982 he is Professor at the Balearic Islands University and presently Professor of Plant Physiology in the Department of Biology of the University.
With extensive teaching experience at undergraduate and graduate and  involved in three masters teaching (UIB, University of the País Vasco,  and University of La Rioja) Supervisor of  PhD students in Plant Biology and head of Research group 'Biology of Plants in Mediterranean Conditions'.
His research has focused on water relations and specifically in the photosynthesis / Production relations under drought conditions in Mediterranean plants and crops especially in the vineyard. He has conducted and directed research projects European level, the National and Regional Plan. He has developed an extensive research career with more than 130 articles in SCI journals and strong activity in applied research in agriculture especially in the Balearic Islands.
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Office Hours

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Subjects taught. Academic Year 2019-20

Subjects taught
Subject Degree/campus
20139 - Applications of Plant Physiology
20123 - Plant Ecophysiology
11230 - Efficient Use of Water with Plants and New Irrigation Technologies

Teaching, 5 previous years

Subject Degree
11230 - Efficient Use of Water with Plants and New Irrigation Technologies
20123 - Plant Ecophysiology
  • Degree in Biology2014-15, 2015-16, 2016-17, 2017-18, 2018-19
20139 - Applications of Plant Physiology
  • Degree in Biology2016-17, 2017-18, 2018-19


Research groups

Group Membership type
Biology of plants under Mediterranean conditions Main researcher
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