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Dr Santiago JosÚ Cavanillas M˙gica
Dr Santiago JosÚ Cavanillas M˙gica
Full Professor
Civil Law
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    Dr Santiago JosÚ Cavanillas M˙gica


    Brief CV

    1. Professional Level and Academic Posts: Professor in Civil Law at the University of the Balearic Islands (UIB) since 1986 (Chair: 1994). Dean of the Faculty of Law of the UIB (1994-1995 and 2008-2014). Vice-chancellor of Academic Affairs of the UIB (1995-1999). Head of the Centre of Law and Computer Science Studies of the Balearic Islands (CEDIB) (1994-2008). Acting judge at the Provincial Court of Palma de Mallorca (1986-1992)

    2. Research: Main lines of research: Law teaching and learning and legal professions; Internet Law; Tort Law; Consumer Protection Law. More information and full CV at Academia.

    3.1. Social networks: Blogs

    ZONA BOLONIA (Higher Education; Law teaching and learning)


    ZONA RESPONSABILIDAD CIVIL (Tort Law for students)

    ZONA OBLIGACIONES Y CONTRATOS (Contract Law for students; with prof. NÚlida Tur)

    3.2. Social networks: Twitter

    @SantiCavanillas (Higher Educations; Law teaching and learning)

    @GDRE20423 (Tort Law and Contract Law for students)


    Office Hours

    Lecturer Tutorial Times
    Start Date End Date Day Start Time End Time Location
    01/09/2019 15/07/2020 Tuesday 11.00 12.00 Emplear herramienta de reserva de cita en Aula Digital

    Subjects taught. Academic Year 2019-20

    Subjects taught
    Subject Degree/campus
    20423 - Contractual and Tort Responsibility
    20432 - Final Degree Project

    Teaching, 5 previous years

    Subject Degree
    11037 - Special module
    20400 - Basic Notions of Law
    20423 - Contractual and Tort Responsibility
    20432 - Final Degree Project
    20490 - End of Degree Project
    • Double degree in Business Administration and Law (2013 syllabus)2017-18, 2018-19


    Research groups

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    Rights of personality Member


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