Master's Degree in Advanced Microbiology

Academic year 2020-21 | 60 credits | 32 places

What is it?

This Master’s programme puts a special focus on providing students with an integrated and multidisciplinary education. Its core aspects include the following:

  • Providing up-to-date education and training on the basic, methodological, and applied knowledge areas of microbiology to graduates and professionals who studied and/or work with healthcare, the environment, the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry, or biotechnology.
  • Providing a scientific base and the methodological abilities needed to undertake a doctoral thesis and the training to work as an investigator on basic and applied research.
  • Training specialists in the advanced aspects of microbiology, focusing on job placements in companies that deal with biotechnology, healthcare, and related services, with regard to production and analysis as well as R&D.

What will you learn?

Understanding the role of microorganisms as pathogenic agents, the cellular and molecular basis for immunological response, and the tools for diagnosing and treating infections caused by infectious agents.

Applying microbiological, immunological, and molecular-biological techniques to the analysis, study, and identification of microorganisms in cultures and clinical, environmental, and industrial samples. Understanding the traditional applications of microbiology in industry and its role in molecular genetics for biotechnology.

Understanding the role of microorganisms in edaphic, aquatic (including marine), and airborne systems as well as discovering their interaction with and influence on people and their activities.

What will you be able to do once you finish?

The University of the Balearic Islands’ doctorate programme in environmental microbiology and biomedicine won a quality award from the national government. The objective of the Master’s degree programme in advanced microbiology is to educate and train scientists, researchers, and professionals who are specialized in microbiology and are able to contribute to public and private research institutions in the industrial, services, health, and academic sectors.

High-quality official study

Legislation requires that official Spanish degree programmes receive a positive assessment from the National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation (ANECA, by its Spanish acronym). This process is known as verification, and it serves to ensure that education programmes are properly designed to provide the competencies and reach the learning goals around which the programmes are built. In the results you can find reports on official study programmes.

The European Higher Education Area requires that there be a system in place to ensure the quality of degree programmes .

The Master's programme is subject to constant assessment and improvement processes that guarantee that it maintains a certain level of prestige and renown in Europe. You can see the results of the assessment processes in the section on quality .

Study programme leadership Dr. Antonio Bennāsar Figueras
32 places
60 credits


Campus: Mallorca
Language: Spanish ( See subjects for more details )
Public price per credit for first enrolment: 29,22¤
Price applicable to citizens of member states of the European Union and Spanish residents: 1.813,80¤ *
* Additional information about price

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