Master's Degree in Biomedical Research

Academic year 2019-20 | 60 credits | 20 places

Degree data and benchmarks

New students 3
Registered students 3
Graduates 1

Who directly oversees the quality of the degree programme?

Quality Assurance Commission

Quality manager
Pilar Roca Salom
Teaching and Research Staff
  • Ana Mª Proenza Arenas
  • Priam de Villalonga Smith
  • Jorge Sastre Serra
Admin and Services Staff
M. Consolación Hernández Guerra
Joana Vilanova Llompart


The Quality Assurance Committee (CGQ) gathers all of the information regarding the degree programme (survey reports, data, statistics, complaints, suggestions, etc.) and analyses them. Here, you can see the regulations and duties of the Quality Assurance Committee (CGQ).

Commitment to quality

Declaration in which the person in charge of ensuring the quality of the Master's programme wishes to express his/her commitment to quality and the constant improvement of his/her actions.

Accountability and transparency

Link to the Register of Universities, Centres, and Degrees (RUCT)

Procedure Document Date/Year
Monitoring Annual follow-up and internal assessment report (2016-17) 23/03/2018
Verification Implementation. Council of Ministers' resolution 18/01/2017
Verification Official university degree statement 25/07/2016
Verification Final verification report 02/06/2016

End of master projects

  • Analysis of changes in immune cells lipid fingerprint after their in-vitro activation
  • Effects of genistein on the gene expression related to inflammation in breast cancer cell lines
  • Desarrollo de una metodología para evaluar el riesgo de cristalización de ácido úrico en orina humana (RCAU). Estudio de los efectos del consumo de distintos productos derivados del cacao en el riesgo de cristalización del ácido úrico en orina de voluntarios sanos.
  • Validation of a transfection protocol to study the functionality of small RNAs in the U-2932 cell line of diffuse large cell B lymphoma
  • Effects of genistein on the mitochondrial function and the antioxidant response in human colon cancer cells
  • Caracterización del efecto molecular de fenotiazinas antipsicóticas en células de glioma: Estudio del potencial cooperativo con temozolomida.
  • Estudio de la proteína surfactante D como posible biomarcador en pacientes SAHS pediátricos
  • Effects of hop-derived prenylflavonoids on mitochondrial function of SW620 colon cancer cells
  • Nuevas aplicaciones biológicas de las cicloescuaramidas: estudio de sus efectos sobre líneas celulares
  • Mitochondrial functionality is regulated by alkylphosphocholines in human colon cancer cells
  • Study of antioxidant response and mitochondrial function on I, II, III and IV stages in biopsies of colon cancer
  • Study of the inflammatory state in tumor tissue of colorectal cancer patients depending on the stage
  • Role of receptor tyrosine kinases and Rho GTPase mediated signaling in the regulation of the invasive phenotype in malignant gliomas