Master's Degree in Applied Biotechnology

Academic year 2019-20 | 60 credits | 20 places

New student profile and admission criteria

The following will be taken into account:

  • Applicants must hold a degree in: Biology, Engineering, Agronomy, Horticultural Sciences, Technical Forestry Engineering, Forestry Engineering, Biochemistry, Environmental Science or any other degree related to the course.
  • The applicant’s academic and professional CV.
  • In the case of the doctorate it would be convenient if the applicant had already studied a strand of the present postgraduate course.

Academic and professional goals

General aims

  • Gain basic knowledge of Plant Biology (Botanics, Eco-physiology) in Mediterranean conditions and its development in the face of environmental factors (climate and soil).
  • Be aware of and assess applications and techniques related to agriculture, gardening, forestry exploitation and management of the environment in Mediterranean conditions.
  • Gain knowledge, skills and revision in the use of advanced research technologies and practical applications in this field, as well as equipping students with the tools necessary for the solving of problems in a multidisciplinary environment.

Specific aims

  • Distinguish key elements in the Mediterranean environment, including the flora and physical environment, highlighting the importance of biodiversity.
  • Understand genetic, molecular and physiological mechanisms that condition plants’ dependence on water, and the potential applications of this knowledge in the management of irrigation waters.
  • Update and put into practice knowledge of advanced instrumental techniques for the study and management of Mediterranean vegetation.
  • Be aware of technological advances that allow improved plant production in Mediterranean conditions.
  • Know how to manage natural resources by means of technologies that permit a sustainable development of the Mediterranean environment.
  • Be aware of the latest technologies in the sustainable management of agricultural resources in semi-arid climates.

Access to other study programmes and career opportunities

Once they have successfully completed the masters course, students may apply to study the PhD course in Plant Biology.

Structure of the study programme

The curriculum can be found in the "Subjects" of this degree.

Final Exam

Students will have to perform the activities of each subject and do a Master's Thesis.

Evaluation criteria and exams

Can be found in the teaching guides - Webside "Subjects"

Study programme leadership

Dr Cori Ramon Juanpere
Biology, UIB
(34) 971 17 3152
Dr. Maurici Mus Amézquita
Biology, UIB
(34) 971 17 2423
Dr. Elena Baraza Ruíz
Biology, UIB
(34) 971 17 3177


Dr. Carlos Eduardo Juan Clar
Biology, UIB
(34) 971 17 3425