Degree in Labour Relations (2010 syllabus)

240 credits - Faculty of Law
  This study programme will not be continued ; new students will not be admitted. You can refer to the corresponding current study programme. .

What is it?

This degree will allow students to acquire legal, economic, business, psychological, and sociological knowledge related to the labour and business world. The goal of these studies is to train professionals that are able to represent workers and businessmen before social courts and tribunals as well as make decisions based on multidisciplinary knowledge related to labour in business, public administrations, or other kinds of organizations from a personal, political, or social perspective, whichever is appropriate.

What will you learn?

This programme offers students practical training in the competencies and abilities need for presenting ideas; proposing solutions in an orderly, concise, and precise manner; having the ability to make decisions or provide guidance in real-life situations; having critical abilities; knowing how to interpret legal texts as well as other economic and sociological indicators; and being able to handle information technologies.

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What will you be able to do once you finish?

The Degree in Labour Relations provides useful wide-ranging training to aid graduate employment in the business sphere, although there are specific pathways for this programme, such as:

  1. Free practice of the profession (expert on labour relations). No master's is required.
  2. Civil service examination for public administrations - specific and general.
  3. Human resources at businesses.
  4. Employment agencies and consultancy.

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Social and Legal Sciences
No new places are available as the programme is no longer offered.
240 credits. 4 years

Blended learning

Language: Catalan, Spanish, English ( See subjects for more details )
Public price per credit for first enrolment: ¤13.53 (*)

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