Degree in Early Childhood Education (2009 syllabus) Ibiza

240 credits - Faculty of Education
  This study programme will not be continued; new students will not be admitted. You can refer to the corresponding current study programme. .

The Degree in Early Childhood Education is one of the undergraduate degrees established by Royal Decree 1393/2007 of 29 October, Chapter III, Article 12.9, that enable one to perform a regulated profession in Spain. The conditions that must be met are laid out in the Resolution, of 17 December 2007, of the State Secretary for Universities and Research and in Order ECI/3854/2007, of 27 December , which establishes the requirements for the verification of official university degrees that allow for the profession of Early Childhood Education Teacher to be practiced.

The main aim of the programme is to train students as early childhood teachers, working on the acquisition of a set of skills including:

Personal-relationship skills that include the ability to promote social harmony and pacific conflict resolution; developing strategies for collaborative work that develops respect for different perspectives and for diversity; developing a committed attitude towards the profession, and the ability to promote educational values that defend gender equality and encourage the culture of peace.

Academic-disciplinary skills  such as the ability to analyse the educational implications of information and communication technology; analysing and developing the goals, syllabus content and assessment criteria for early childhood education, and knowing the evolutionary development and requirements of children in early childhood.

Professional skills  linked to the ability to cover language learning in multicultural and multilingual contexts, as well as the ability to understand, speak and write in English; the ability to create, interpret and appreciate arts and technologies associated to non-verbal communication tools; the ability to design, organise and assess learning contexts in line with childhood diversity, gender equality and respect for human rights, and the ability to reflect on and research educational practice in an attempt to improve teaching and promote innovative projects.

Credit Summary

Core Training Mandatory Elective Subjects External Practicum Final Degree Project Total
  102   72   12   48   6 240


First-year subjects
Name Type Credits Teaching
22000 - Contemporary Educational Thinking and Contexts Core Training 6,0
22001 - Teaching Bases and Curricular Design Core Training 6,0
22002 - Catalan Language and its Teaching Mandatory 6,0
22003 - Cognitive and Language Development in Early Childhood Core Training 6,0
22004 - Foundations of Musical Education: Vocal, Auditory and Rhythmical Mandatory 6,0
22005 - Sociology, Living in Harmony and Education Core Training 6,0
22006 - Educational Organisation and Management Core Training 6,0
22007 - Education Models in Early Childhood Core Training 6,0
22008 - Language in the Nursery Classroom: from Pleasure in Reading to the Game of Mandatory 6,0
Second-year subjects
Name Type Credits Teaching
22009 - Educational Intervention Strategies in Early Childhood I Core Training 6,0
22010 - Inclusive Education Core Training 6,0
22011 - Psychology of Education Core Training 6,0
22012 - Observation and Documentation Core Training 6,0
22013 - Artistic and Aesthetic Education. Foundations of Visual Art and Craft Mandatory 6,0
22014 - Psychomotor Development in Early Childhood Core Training 6,0
22015 - Development and Socio-Emotional Education in Early Childhood Core Training 6,0
22016 - Language Skills for Nursery Education Mandatory 6,0
22017 - Corporal and Musical Education of Teachers Mandatory 6,0
22018 - Stage Representation in Nursery School Mandatory 6,0
Third-year subjects
Name Type Credits Teaching
22019 - Development Disorders Core Training 6,0
22020 - Educational Intervention Strategies in Early Childhood II Core Training 6,0
22021 - Mathematical Thought and its Teaching Mandatory 6,0
22022 - Natural Science and Teaching Mandatory 6,0
22023 - Educational Reflection and Innovation Core Training 6,0
22024 - Practicum I (0-3) External Placements 24,0
Fourth-year subjects
Name Type Credits Teaching
22025 - Technological Means and Resources in the teaching-Learning Process in Early Core Training 6,0
22026 - Catalan Universal Literature for Nursery Education Mandatory 6,0
22027 - Spanish Language. Communication Strategies Mandatory 6,0
22028 - Family and School Core Training 6,0
22029 - Artistic Projects in Early Childhood Mandatory 6,0
22030 - Practicum II (3-6) External Placements 24,0
22031 - Final Degree Project Final Degree Project 6,0
Elective subjects
Name Type Credits Teaching
22032 - Language Learning in Multilingual Contexts Elective 3,0
22033 - English Language: Formal and Communication Aspects Elective 3,0
22034 - Children's Language and Literature in English Elective 3,0
22035 - English Language and Culture Elective 3,0
22036 - Human Science and Teaching Elective 3,0
22037 - Audiovisual and Multimedia Communication in Early Childhood Education Elective 3,0
22038 - Teaching the Catholic Religion Elective 3,0

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