Degree in Geography (2009 syllabus)

240 credits - Faculty of Philosophy and Arts
  This study programme will not be continued ; new students will not be admitted. You can refer to the corresponding current study programme. .

Entry Profile

Although it is possible to take the Geography programme with any secondary school diploma pathway, or even by other methods, the recommended admission profile to be able to follow the Geography programme without any difficulty and to successfully achieve the aims of the curriculum is as follows:

  1. The ability for abstraction, interlinking and synthesis
  2. The ability for spatial observation
  3. The desire for field and teamwork
  4. An interest and sensibility for environmental, social and territorial issues
  5. An interest in learning cartography, remote detection and geographical information system (GIS) techniques
  6. A flexible, inquisitive, innovative, propositional attitude and creative spirit.

Entry information


Credit Recognition and Transfer Committee for GGEO

Member 3
Garcies Gomila, Domènec
Member 4
Cañellas Ramis, Miquel

Accreditation grid for first and second cycle curricula and new curricula (degree)

Table of equivalences by curriculum Degree in Geography (2009 syllabus)

Geography (1997)
Geography (1997) Degree in Geography (2009 syllabus)
  • 1079: Physical Geography of Spain
  • 1080: Human Geography of Spain
21113: Geography of Spain
  • 1141: Human Geography of Europe
  • 1149: Physical Geography of Europe
21118: Geography of Europe
1145: Population Geography
21110: Population Geography
1148: Industry and Tertiary Geography
21116: Industry Geography
1150: Spatial Analysis Techniques
21117: Spatial Analysis Techniques
1153: Regional Planning
21114: Regional Planning
1163: Geographic Information Systems
21112: Geographic Information Systems
1377: Landscape Geography
21127: Landscape Geography
1464: Climatology
21108: Climatology
1465: Urban Geography. Internal Analysis
21111: Urban Geography
1466: Geomorphology
21109: Geomorphology
1467: Urban Systems
21111: Urban Geography
1469: Rural Geography
21119: Rural Geography
1634: Geography of Tourism and Leisure
21100: Geography of Tourism
1638: Coastal Geomorphology
21138: Costal Geomorphology
1639: Planning and Assessment of Tourist and Leisure Areas
21141: Planning and Assessment of Tourist Spaces
  • 1641: Geography of Transports
  • 1643: Geography of Communications
21115: Geography of Transport and Communications
1668: Climatic Change and Desertification
21130: Climate Change and Environmental Hazards
1673: Geology and Physical Geography Practice
21131: Integrated Geographical Analysis
1674: Human Geography and Regional Geographic Analysis Practice
21131: Integrated Geographical Analysis
1675: Environmental Impact Assessment
21126: Evaluation of Environmental Impact
1676: Geography Teaching
21124: Geography Teaching
1682: Biogeography
21123: Biogeography
1683: Geography of the Balearic Islands
21106: Geography of the Balearic Islands
1684: Geographical Thinking
21129: Geographical Thinking
1685: Geography of Risks
21130: Climate Change and Environmental Hazards
1686: Teledetection Techniques Applied to Geography
21122: Geographic Information Systems
1776: The Current World since 1945
20214: History of the Current World
2201: Economic History I
21144: Ecological History of Economics
2220: Biostatistics
21107: Statistical Techniques in Geography
2244: Cartography and Photointerpretation
21102: Cartography
2245: Environmental Management and Planning
21139: Management and Planning of Natural Spaces
2248: Hydrogeography
21120: Hydrography
2603: Introduction to Economics
20600: Economic Environment
2648: Urban Planning
21121: Urban Planning
2918: Urban Law
20433: Urban Law and Land Planning
2963: Environmental Law
20451: Civil Environmental Law

Automatic accreditation between higher technical programmes and university courses

Automatic accreditation of credits between courses on higher degree training cycles from the professional groups in the Balearic Islands and university degree courses in Degree in Geography (2009 syllabus)
Subject Credits
21100 - Geography of Tourism 6
21125 - Practical Placements I 6
Electives 24
Total 36
CFGS Senior Technician in Travel Agencies and Events Management
Subject Credits
21100 - Geography of Tourism 6
21125 - Practical Placements I 6
Electives 24
Total 36
Subject Credits
21100 - Geography of Tourism 6
21125 - Practical Placements I 6
Electives 24
Total 36

Accreditation of English Skills

In order to be awarded the degree, students must show that they have reached a level of English by the end of their course that equates to level B2 in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), in accordance with how this requirement is stipulated in the curriculum. The different ways to attain this are:

  1. passing the specific English language course on the curriculum.
  2. handing in a certificate or accreditation, recognised by the UIB, which shows the student has obtained a minimum level of English equivalent to B2 in the CEFR.
  3. passing a set number of subjects taught in English on the degree course.
  4. passing a set number of subjects taught in English on a mobility programme.

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