Degree in Geography (2009 syllabus)

240 credits - Faculty of Philosophy and Arts
  This study programme will not be continued; new students will not be admitted. You can refer to the corresponding current study programme. .

21132. Final Degree Project (2019-20)

Credits 6 ECTS.
Type Final Degree Project
Status Curriculum being terminated and subject available in this curriculum, centre and island.


    Registration Requirements
  • must have passed 120 set of subjects made up of all mandatory subjects, all elective subjects, all external placements subjects credits
  • must have passed 60 set of subjects made up of all core training subjects credits

Recommended bibliography

The library collection for the 2019-20 academic year will be available at the start of the year (more information)

Information regarding course groups

Period : Single round

  • (1) - GROUP 1, DD

    • Places
      No limits during ordinary registration period. According to the specific faculty curriculum during the extended registration period.
    • Teaching
    • Syllabus
      Available from 26/07/2019

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