International training courses taught in English

Academic year 2018-19

Courses available for:
  • Undergraduate UIB students
  • Mobility students

Provisional courses






30020 Information research in social science 6 ECTS Rubén Lluc Comas Forgas 1st semester
30023 The art of Telling Stories about Data (Cancelled) 6 ECTS Margarita Miró Julià / Irene García Mosquera 1st semester
30024 Communication and managerial skills in the intercultural context 6 ECTS Matilde Morales Raya 1st semester
30025 Ecocriticism in Popular Culture 6 ECTS Rosa Moreno 2nd semester
30026 Critical thinking, critical reading and presenting arguments 6 ECTS Marcos Nadal Roberts 2nd semester
30027 GM crops & Intellectual Property: Impacts on Innovation, Health, the Environment and Society 6 ECTS Juan Antonio Vives-Vallés 2nd semester

More information

  • These courses concede 6 ECTS
  • Registration at the administrative services of your faculty
  • A minimum of 10 students registered will be required to offer each course