Doctoral Theses

In this section you can consult the regulations which determine the procedure that must be followed, criteria format for the doctoral thesis and the documents that must be handed in concerning the elaboration and the authorization for the thesis defense.

Procedures for Doctoral Theses

This regulation sets out the procedure to be followed and the documents to be submitted concerning the preparation and authorisation of the thesis viva voce defence.

Informació The format criteria for PhD theses (both in printed and electronic formats) can be found in the section 'Procedures for doctorates' at the Doctoral School of the University of the Balearic Islands.

Information, procedures and forms for a Doctoral Thesis with International or European Qualification

Doctoral Thesis QualificationsFor further information request a Doctoral Thesis with International Qualification

Forms for Doctoral Thesis

Forms for the processing of Doctoral Thesis

Forms for the reading and defense of the doctoral thesis

Forms for publishing the thesis in TDX

  • Compulsory information that must go with the thesis  [en]
  • Model of contract for the edition of the thesis in TDX  [en]
  • Application of non-repository [en]