PhD in Psychology

Academic year 2020-21


PhD Programme Teams

Team 1

Areas of research: Treatment and assessment of highly prevalent mental disorders in adults, The epidemiology and psychopathology of anxiety and affective disorders and Physical health and mental disorders

Programme Oversight

Participating Lecturers

Team 2

Areas of research: Applied methodology in psychology, Individual differences and alterations in cognitive and neuropsychological processes, Health psychology and The psychology of human performance

Programme Oversight

Participating Lecturers

Team 3

Areas of research: Basic and social psychology, equal opportunities, and gender, Clinical child psychology, Developmental psychology and its difficulties and Occupational, institutional, and human resources psychology

Programme Oversight

Participating Lecturers

Thesis advisors at the UIB

Other thesis advisors for this programme

  • Adrover Roig, Daniel
  • Andrés Benito, María del Pilar
  • Ballester Brage, Luis
  • García Buades, María Esther
  • García Mas, Alejandro
  • Gili Planas, Margarita Inés
  • López Penadés, Raul
  • Montoro Aguilar, Casandra Isabel
  • Montoya Jiménez, Pedro José
  • Navarro Guzmán, Capilla
  • Olmedilla Zafra, Aurelio
  • Pereda Beltrán, Noemí
  • Pich Solé, Jorge
  • Roca Bennasar, Miguel Ángel
  • Servera Barceló, Mateu