PhD in Nutrigenomics and Personalised Nutrition

Academic year 2019-20

Lines of research

  1. Energy metabolism, white and brown adipocytes, and obesity.
  2. Bioactive ingredients in pathology prevention.
  3. Hormones, cytokines and physical exercise in the control of energy metabolism.
  4. Bioactive compounds and biochemistry of membranes.
  5. Health claims made on food.
  6. Early biomarkers of metabolic robustness.
  7. Nutrients and epigenetics.
  8. Perinatal nutrition and risk of obesity and its co-morbidities.
  9. Breast milk components and prevention of metabolic diseases.
  10. Nutrigenomic biomarkers of childhood obesity.
  1. Diet and obesity.
  2. Functional ingredients and cardiovascular risk.
  3. Functional ingredients and obesity.
  4. Functional ingredients and insulin function.
  5. Metabolism and secretory activity of adipocytes.
  6. Nutritional status evaluation.
  7. Perinatal programming and health.
  8. Nutrigenomics and metabolic syndrome.
  9. Interaction of phytochemicals with metabolism.