PhD in Marine Ecology

Academic year 2019-20

Degree data and benchmarks

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New students 8 5 7 7 3 4 4
Registered students 8 12 17 24 26 26 24
Readed theses 0 0 0 1 0 5 0


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Year Thesis
  • Caracterización de la estructura de tamaños y composición del fitoplancton marino mediante difractometría láser
  • Diversity of demersal fish assemblages in the Mediterranean
  • Patterns of phytoplankton and primary production variability in the Mediterranean Sea based on remote sensing data
  • Seagrass ecology: environmental conditions and processes that affect the establishment and fate of seedlings
  • Experimental studies on growth and survival in Atlantic bluefin tuna (Thunnus thynnus) and Atlantic bonito (Sarda sarda) larvae: Effects of light, food availability and temperature on their physiology and behavior
  • Settlement and Recruitment Processes in Fish Species of Interest for Recreational Fisheries

Who directly oversees the quality of the degree programme?

Quality Assurance Commission

Quality Manager
Martínez Taberner, Antonio
Mateu Vicens, Guillem
Teaching and Research Staff
  • Agawin Romualdo, Nona Sheila
  • Hedriks, Iris
  • Alòs Crespí, Josep
  • Deudero Company, Salud
  • Moyà Niell, Gabriel
  • Palmer Vidal, Miquel
  • Massuttí Sureda, Enric
Admin and Services Staff
Hernández Guerra, M. Consolación
Muñoz Caballero, Anabel

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Improvement plan

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Procedure Document Date/Year
Monitoring Annual follow-up and internal assessment report (2018-19) 11/12/2019
Verification Final verification report 25/07/2013
Verification Official university degree statement 28/12/2012