PhD in Marine Ecology

Academic year 2019-20

Tutoring plan

The academic committee of the Doctoral Programme will assign a tutor to the applicant (once he or she is admitted). The tutor will be a doctor with accredited research experience and involved in the doctoral programme. Within six months from the first enrolment, the academic committee of the doctorate will assign to every student a thesis supervisor, which may or may not be the same as the tutor.

The direction and supervision of training activities and the doctoral thesis conform the
"Procedures for doctorates of UIB (RD99/2011)"

Composition of the Academic Committee

Guillem Mateu Vicens
Samuel Piña Fernández
  • Nona Agawin Romualdo
  • Antoni Martínez-Taberner
  • Beatriz Morales Nin
  • Miquel Palmer Vidal
  • Enric Massutí Sureda
  • Salud Deudero Company