PhD in Tourism

Academic year 2017-18

Who directly oversees the quality of the degree programme?

Quality Assurance Commission

Quality Manager
  • Seguí Llinás, Miguel
  • Hernández Guerra, M. Consolación
Teaching and Research Staff
  • Calvo Trias, Manuel Antonio
  • Mulet Forteza, Carlos
  • Robledo Camacho, Marco Antonio
  • Torres Lana, José Ángel
Admin and Services Staff
  • Hernández Guerra, M. Consolación
  • Quetglas Morey, Miguel

The Quality Assurance Committee (CGQ) gathers all of the information regarding the degree programme (survey reports, data, statistics, complaints, suggestions, etc.) and analyses them. Here, you can see the regulations and duties of the Quality Assurance Committee (CGQ).

Accountability and transparency

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