Faculty of Psychology

Event Start Date End Date
Semester 1 term time 11-september-2017 12-january-2018
Holidays 23-december-2017 7-january-2018
Complementary assessment semester 1* 15-january-2018 26-january-2018
Semester 1 term time without classes 29-january-2018 2-february-2018
Deadline for 1st semester exam results to be submitted   2-february-2018
Extraordinary assessment for semester 1* 5-february-2018 9-february-2018
Semester 2 term time 12-february-2018 5-june-2018
Deadline for extraordinary 1st semester exam results to be submitted   23-february-2018
Holidays 29-march-2018 8-abril-2018
Complementary assessment semester 2* 6-june-2018 22-june-2018
Semester 2 term time without classes 25-june-2018 29-june-2018
Defence of Final Degree Project 25-june-2018 26-june-2018
Deadline for 2nd semester exam results to be submitted   29-june-2018
Extraordinary assessment for semester 2* 2-july-2018 6-july-2018
Deadline for examination results from semester 2   24-july-2018
Non-term time 1-august-2018 31-august-2018

* Where stipulated in the subject course guides.

Calendar in pdf

Holidays and Bank Days

  • Christmas Break: 23 December 2017 to 5 January 2018 (inclusive)
  • Easter Break: 29 March to 6 April 2018 (inclusive)
  • Festival of the Blessed Ramon Llull: 27 November 2017. Official holiday at all University centres.
  • All national and regional bank holidays, and those locally stipulated in the municipalities of Palma, Ibiza, and Alaior apply to the centres and facilities located there.