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Dr Katarzyna Beata Paszkiewicz
Dr Katarzyna Beata Paszkiewicz
Tenure-track contract Lecturer with a PhD
English Philology
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    Dr Katarzyna Beata Paszkiewicz


    Brief CV

    Dr Katarzyna Paszkiewicz is Lecturer (Prof. Doctora Contratada Interina) in the Department of Spanish, Modern, and Classical Languages (English Philology) at the University of the Balearic Islands. She holds a BA in English Philology (2009, UAM/University of Adam Mickiewicz, Poland), MA in Cultural Studies: Audiovisual Culture (2010, UAM) and an international PhD in Construction and Representation of Cultural Identities (2014, University of Barcelona). She was a Visiting Scholar at the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Melbourne, University College Dublin, and Research Associate at Harvard University.

    Her primary research is in Film Studies, Cultural Studies and Gender Studies, with an emphasis on film genres and women’s cinema in the USA and Spain. She also has an interest in questions of embodiment, affect and the senses in screen cultures, as well as in crime fiction written by women. She has published several book chapters and journal articles in specialized journals and international volumes on Kathryn Bigelow, Sofia Coppola and Isabel Coixet. She has co-edited, with Mary Harrod, Women Do Genre in Film and Television (Routledge, 2018, winner of first Prize in the BAFTSS Best Edited Collection competition awarded by the British Association of Film, Television and Screen Studies) and published two monographs: Rehacer los gÚneros: Mujeres cineastas dentro y fuera de Hollywood (Icaria, 2017, winner of the ADHUC Prize in Sexuality and Gender Studies) and Genre, Authorship and Contemporary Women Filmmakers (Edinburgh University Press, 2018). Her most recent edited collection, Final Girls, Femininity and Popular Culture (Palgrave, forthcoming 2020), addresses contemporary reformulations of the Final Girl in film, TV and literature. 

    Dr Paszkiewicz specializes in teaching literature, film, cultural and gender studies, as well as English for Specific Purposes. She has been responsible for the BA courses English Fiction and Film and British Cultural Studies, among others. She has supervised 10 MA theses on a range of topics in European and US film, TV and literature, with a focus on cultural and/or gender studies. 

    Dr Paszkiewicz has participated in 3 research projects funded by the Spanish government in competitive calls: “Authorship on the Stage: Theoretical-Methodological Analysis of Intermedia Representation of the Authorial Body/Corpus”, FFI2015-64978-P (2016-2019), PI: Meri Torras; “Female Victims and Aggressors. Representations of Violence in Crime Fiction Written by Women”, FEM 2014-55057-P (105-2018), PI: Elena Losada; and “Women and Crime Novel in Spain (1975-2010): Women Writers, Power Figures, Victims and Criminals”, FEM 2011-22870 (2012-2014), PI: Elena Losada. She is also a researcher in ADHUC - Research Center for Theory, Gender and Sexuality, in the UNESCO Chair “Women, Development and Cultures” and in the Consolidated Research Group “Women’s Creation and Thought” at the University of Barcelona.




    Office Hours

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    Subjects taught. Academic Year 2020-21

    Subjects taught
    Subject Information
    21842 - British Cultural Studies: A Practical Approach
    21800 - Comprehension and Interpretation of Academic Texts in the English Language
    21808 - English Literature I: 20th Century Voices
    11140 - Research techniques in literary and cultural studies

    Teaching, 5 previous years

    Subject Information
    11151 - Modern and contemporary British literature: analysis and critical reviews
    • Master's in Modern Languages and Literatures2019-20
    20395 - English for Engineering
    • Degree in Automation and Industrial Electronic Engineering2018-19
    • Degree in Construction2018-19
    • Degree in Food and Agriculture Engineering and the Rural Environment2018-19
    21146 - English for Science
    21800 - Comprehension and Interpretation of Academic Texts in the English Language
    21842 - British Cultural Studies: A Practical Approach
    21976 - English for Education and Social Work
    22168 - Benchmark practicals: Foreign Language (English)
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