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Dr Magdalena Gianotti Bauzá
Dr Magdalena Gianotti Bauzá
Full Professor
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
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    Dr Magdalena Gianotti Bauzá


    Brief CV

    Dr. Gianotti began her scientific career in 1984 as a predoctoral fellow of the 'Plan de Formación del Personal Investigador del Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia'.), In 1988, Dr. Gianotti achieved an Assistant Lecturer position in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of Balearic Islands and later became Associate Professor (01/06/1988-30/09/1990). Tenured Professor since 01/10/1990 to 05/01/2011 and Full Professor onwards.

    Since June 2002, Dr. Gianotti is the Head of the research group Energy Metabolism and Nutrition at the University of Balearic Islands, with mention of 'competitive group' by the Government of Balearic Islands. The group is integrated in the Center for Biomedical Research Network of Pathophysiology of Obesity and Nutrition (CIBERobn CB06/03/0043). Furthermore, Dr. Gianotti is Coordinator of the Metabolic Diseases and Nutrition area of the Health Research Institute of the Balearic Islands (IdISBa).

    The aim of her research is based on the study of the pathological consequences of mitochondrial dysfunction and the modulating effect of sex during the development of Metabolic Syndrome and related diseases. Among the main scientific achievements of her scientific career worth mentioning the discovery and characterization of a sexual dimorphism in mitochondrial function and morphology in different tissues of rat, with females having a greater size and cristae density, together with a higher oxidative and phosphorylative capacities than males. These metabolic differences between males and females provide a rationale for the gender dimorphism in the prevalence of several metabolic disorders. In addition, Gianotti's group has pointed to estradiol as one of the key factors involved in the establishment of these sex differences in mitochondrial differentiation and function. Currently, her research interest is focused on how sex hormones modulate the cardiovascular system response to proinflammatory insults, both acting directly and indirectly, modulating the adipokine secretory profile of white adipose tissue. Therefore, targeting estrogen signaling as a therapeutic target can have a major impact on cardiovascular diseases, as it would reconfigure endocrine communications between adipose tissue and the cardiovascular system.

    Her scientific career has been recognized with 5 research terms (6-year period) by Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte of the Spanish Government and the Retributive Supplement of the Research Activity and Excellence, funded by the Government of Balearic Islands.

    Author of 70 scientific papers published in international journals listed in the Journal Citations Report (JCR), 40 of them in the last 10 years. Author of 200 communications in National and International Congresses and member of the organizing committee in 5 congresses and/or symposiums.

    Dr. Gianotti has participated in 46 research projects and/or contracts (international, national or regional), being Principal Investigator in 16 of them. She has participated in National and European Research Networks. Dr. Gianotti has supervised 11 PhD thesis, 5 recognized with European Doctorate Mention and 8 under doctorate programs with quality/excellence mention. Currently, she is supervising 2 PhD theses.

    Dr. Gianotti has combined her teaching and research activities with the development of a broad university management activity since 1988 up to the present time.


    Office Hours

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    Subjects taught. Academic Year 2020-21

    Subjects taught
    Subject Degree/campus
    21522 - Molecular Pathology
    11741 - Master's Thesis
    11735 - Metabolic Disorders Associated with Obesity and Diabetes
    11689 - Physiological and nutritional basics in gestation, breast-feeding, adolesce

    Teaching, 5 previous years

    Subject Degree
    11689 - Physiological and nutritional basics in gestation, breast-feeding, adolesce
    11724 - Practical Placements
    • Master's in Food and Human Nutrition2015-16
    11725 - Final Master's Project
    11735 - Metabolic Disorders Associated with Obesity and Diabetes
    11741 - Master's Thesis
    21501 - General Biochemistry Laboratory
    21522 - Molecular Pathology
    21524 - Final Degree Project


    Research groups

    Group Membership type
    Energy metabolism and nutrition (GMEIN) Main researcher
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