Master's Degree in Physics of Complex Systems

Academic year 2021-22

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Along the last century scientific research was characterized by a progressive specialization and a knowledge compartmentalization, leading to an increasing difficulty in being an expert in more than one scientific ambit. Despite the success of this program based on a reductionist approach, new scientific challenges require a broader view and the establishment of synergies between different disciplines to go beyond the traditional borders of knowledge. Complex systems, characterized by the existence of collective emergent properties generated by the interaction of a large number of elements, are prototypical systems in which this crossdisciplinary approach is being successfully applied.

Complex phenomena are ubiquitously present around us. Examples include emergence of memory and conscience in the brain, formation of consensus in social opinions, stock market collapses, sudden traffic jams, chaotic dynamics in lasers, turbulence in fluids, vegetation patterns in savannas, etc.. Complex system methodologies are also helpful in speech and image recognition, big data analysis, human mobility understanding or quantum cryptography, among other examples. In this context the postgraduate training offered by this Master, open to students world-wide, provides the necessary tools to address complex problems from an interdisciplinary perspective with a solid mathematical background.

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