Master's Degree in Marine Ecology

Academic year 2024-25

You can also consult this information for the academic year 2023-24.
The adaptation process to modify this curriculum to the new version for the 2024-25 academic year has begun.
If you started the master’s programme on this curriculum version, you may either continue with it or request adaptation to the new version via the direct admission procedure. Please see the information on the adaptation due to curriculum modification procedure.
Please see the enrolment deadlines for the 2024-25 academic year for this master's programme.

In order to get their qualification students must pass 60 ECTS credits in the following manner:

27 ECTS credits of mandatory subjects.

15 ECTS credits of elective subjects.

6 ECTS credits of the Practical Placements.

12 ECTS credits of the Master’s Thesis.

Document: Practicals available in the subjects

Subjects with no link are not offered in this edition


First year
Name Type Credits Period
11678 - Master's Thesis Master's Dissertation 12,0 2nd semester
11677 - Practical Placements External Academic Placements 6,0 1st semester
11665 - Marine Ecology Mandatory 6,0 1st semester
11666 - Oceanographic Biology Mandatory 6,0 1st semester
11667 - Management of Marine Resources Mandatory 5,0 1st semester
11668 - Experimental Design: Sampling and Data Processing Mandatory 5,0 1st semester
11669 - Integrated Practices Mandatory 5,0 2nd semester
11671 - Marine Bioindicators Elective 5,0 1st semester
11672 - Ecosystem Dynamics and Exploitable Living Resources Elective 5,0 1st semester
11674 - Carbonate Sediments: Metabolism and Evolution of Oceans Elective 5,0 2nd semester
11670 - Coastal Ecology. Coastal Systems Elective 5,0
11673 - Phytoplankton Ecology Elective 5,0
11675 - Marine Organisms of Health Significance Elective 5,0
11676 - Marine Microbiology Elective 5,0