UIB experience

informàtica Cultural Activities
Beyond your academic studies, you'll find a wide selection of cultural activities for a healthy balance between your academic and leisure pursuits.

Borsa d'activitats computables Extra Credit Activities Exchange
If you would like to enhance your CV and transcript, check out the list of extra credit activities.

Borsa d'activitats computables UIB Choir
If you like, you can join the University of the Balearic Islands Choir or its affiliated choirs.

Cursos d'idiomes UIB Track
The UIB campus has a permanent track for open-air leisure and sporting activities.

Cursos d'idiomes Language Courses
We offer modern and Asian language courses, as well as courses to perfect your Catalan and Spanish.

Horts ecològicsOrganic Allotments
A space for relaxation and connecting with nature, stimulating the senses, making friends, physical exercise...

Intercanvi lingüísticLanguage Exchange
If you would like to learn languages whilst making new friends, you can set up conversation and/or language pairs exchange groups.


Esport Sports
Have you not discovered CampusEsport yet? Come and enjoy a huge selection of sports activities.

Pastoral Universitària University Pastoral Centre
A service offered by the Catholic church that places Christianity at the heart of the plural academic community.

Premis i concursosPrizes and Competitions
There is a notice board where you can find a list of announcements for all kinds of prizes and competitions: poetry, novels, photography...

PROMOUI ociPromoUIB: Discounts and Extras
Remember that there are activities and entertainment complexes that offer different discounts and extras.

cafeteries i menjadorsCafeteria and Dining Room Service
There are cafeterias and dining rooms spread across the different buildings and offering a full bar/restaurant service with daily set menus.

The Cooperation for Development and Solidarity Office promotes involvement in volunteering activities.