Ramon Llull

Centre Administrator
Laura González Coll
Porter's desk
Tel.: 971 17 30 08
Fax: 971 17 34 73
Faculty of Philosophy and Arts
Department of History and Theory of Art
Department of Catalan Philology and General Linguistics
Department of Spanish, Modern Languages and Latin
Department of Philosophy and Social Work
Administration Services for the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts
Alcover-Moll-Villangómez Chair
Chair for Studies into Gender-Based Violence
Chair of the Three Religions
Joan Ramis i Ramis Chair in Research, Training and Documentation in the Dramatic Arts
Ramon Llull Chair
Centre d’Estudis i Documentació Contemporània (CEDOC)
Centre de Documentació en Cooperació al Desenvolupament (CD2)
Centre de Documentació de Polítiques Socials (Portal Social)
Student Delegation
Gabinet d’Onomàstica
Human Systematics Laboratory
Library and Documentation Service
Information Service
Programa Amics i Amigues de la UIB
Bar, cafeteria and dining hall

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