Master's Degree in Physics of Complex Systems (MFS2)

Academic year 2017-18 | 60 credits | 25 places

Degree data and benchmarks

  2012-13 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17
New students 4 10 6 11 11
Registered students 4 12 10 15 16
Graduates 2 8 6 9 12


Who directly oversees the quality of the degree programme?

Quality Assurance Commission

Quality manager
Raúl Toral Garcés
Teaching and Research Staff
  • Damià Gomila
  • Tomàs Sintes
Admin and Services Staff
M. Consolación Hernández Guerra
Guillem Rosselló

The Quality Assurance Committee (CGQ) gathers all of the information regarding the degree programme (survey reports, data, statistics, complaints, suggestions, etc.) and analyses them. Here, you can see the regulations and duties of the Quality Assurance Committee (CGQ).

Commitment to quality

Declaration in which the person in charge of ensuring the quality of the Master's programme wishes to express his/her commitment to quality and the constant improvement of his/her actions.

Accountability and transparency

End of master projects

  • Sobre la forma de l'espai semàntic. Què podem deduir de les propietats estadístiques de llarga escala de textos?
  • Searching Chimera States in the Nonlocal Complex Ginzburg Landau Equation
  • Improved detection of collective rhythms in multi-channel electroencephalography signals
  • Synchronization in a Neural Mass Model
  • Modelling Quorum-Sensing mechanisms in bacterial populations
  • Exact Computation of Percolation Cluster Sizes in Finite Networks
  • Dynamics of attracting Brownian particles
  • Sincronització quàntica en sistemes optomecànics
  • Multiple options noisy voter model: application to European elections
  • Field theory for recurrent mobility
  • Universality of the fundamental diagram in pedestrian dynamics. A study based on social force models.
  • Financial contagion in the interbank market
  • "Dynamics of vascular branching morphogenesis"
  • Inelastic effects on thermoelectric transport through Coulomb systems
  • Network properties of genotype-phenotype mappings
  • Neural circuit in the hippocampal region
  • Pattern formation in clonal planrs
  • Noise Effects in Kerr Frequency Combs
  • "Photonic Reservoir Computing: the role of the Mach-Zehnder modulator"
  • Cooperative Epidemic Spreading
  • Robustness of plant-pollinator mutualistic networks to phenological mismatches
  • "Statistical mechanics of multilayer networks"
  • "Models of mobility"