Pre-registration and registration dates for the Doctoral training programs - Academic year 2016-17

General period - New students

General pre-registration and registration period:

  • Pre-registration: 18/Apr/2016 - 31/Jul/2016 and 01/Set/2016 - 30/Set/2016
  • Registration: 14/Nov/2016 a 30/Nov/2016
General period - Other students (second year or above)

General registration period:

  • Registration: 24/Oct/2016 - 05/Nov/2016.

Nota The pre-registration application must be completed online through the "" website.

In the following links for more information on pre-registration and enrolment procedures of doctoral studies:

Impresos TesiPrior to using these premises, please note that, if you are not yet a registered student, you are not yet insured by the University of the Balearic Islands.