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Dr Joan Alfred Amer Fernández
Tenure-track contract Lecturer with a PhD
Teoria i Història de l'Educació

Dr Joan Alfred Amer Fernández


Brief CV

PhD in Sociology (Autonomous University of Barcelona). From 2010 on, he is Lecturer at the Department of Pedagogy and Specific Didactics. Postdoctoral researcher at Lancaster University (United Kingdom) 2006-2008.

Member of the Research Group GIFES (Social and Educational Training and Research Group)( of the UIB. He works in the fields of evidence-based family education programmes, social pedagogy, sociology of family and education, and qualitative research. Formerly he worked in the field of sociology of tourism.

Selection of recent publications:

Valero, M., Ballester, L., Orte, C., & Amer, J. (2017). Meta-analysis of family-based selective prevention programs for drug consumption in adolescence. Psicothema, accepted, in press.

Orte, C., Ballester, L., Amer, J., & Vives, M. (2016). Quality of implementation in an evidence-based family prevention program: 'The Family Competence Program'. Psychosocial Intervention, 25, 2, 95-101.

Orte, C., Ballester, L., Vives, M., Amer, J., & March, M.X. (2016). Cultural adaptation of family evidence-based drug prevention programs in Spain. In M. Israelashvili & J.Romano (Eds.). The Cambridge Handbook of International Prevention Science. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Orte, C., Ballester, L., Amer, J., & Vives, M. (2015). Assesing the role of facilitators in evidence-based family prevention programs via Delphi technique. Families in Society, The Journal of Contemporary Social Services, 95, 4, 236-244.

Orte, C., Ballester, L. & Amer, J. (2015). The Strengthening Families Program in Spain: A long-term evaluation. Journal of Children's Services, 10,2, 101-119


Office Hours

Lecturer Tutorial Times
Start Date End Date Day Start Time End Time Location
18/09/2017 09/02/2018 Friday 12.30 13.30 B-204 Edifici Guillem Cifre
12/02/2018 29/06/2018 Friday 11.30 12.30 B-204 Edifici Guillem Cifre


Research groups

Group Membership type
Educational and social research and training (GIFES) Member
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