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Dr Javier Varona Gómez
Contract Lecturer with a PhD
Ciències de la Computació i Intel·ligència Artificial

Dr Javier Varona Gómez


Brief CV

PhD in Computer Science since 2001 by the Universitat Auṭnoma de Barcelona. Predoctoral and postdoctoral researcher in the Computer Vision Centre at the Universitat Auṭnoma de Barcelona. Computer Vision expert. Researcher of the 'Ramón y Cajal' program at the Universitat de les Illes Balears from 2005 to 2009. Researcher of the I3 program for the Intensification of Research from 2009 to the present.

Associate Professor since December 2009 in the Dept. of Mathematics and Computer Sciecne at the Universitat de les Illes Balears. He has taught in the studies of Computer Science & Engineering at UAB (1995-2003) and the UIB (2004-present). He has also taught at the Bachelor on Computer Science & Engineering at the UIB. In Grade, he has taught in four different titles of Master and PhD courses, and he has supervised six doctoral theses (1 UAB and 5 at the UIB).

He has participated in over 10 research funded projects at regional, national and international levels (in 5 of them as principal investigator). He has participated during this period in many technology transfer projects with companies.

He was Director of the Master in Information Technologies and Co-Director of the PhD program in Computer Science. Deputy director of the Mathematics and Computer Science. Deputy director of the Center for Postgraduate Studies of the UIB. Deputy Rector and, currently Vice Rector of Titles and Technology.


Subjects taught. Academic Year 2017-18

Subjects taught
Subject Degree/campus
21759 - Technological Innovation Management
11651 - Text Mining for Social Sciences


Research groups

Group Membership type
Computer Graphics and Vision and AI Group (UGiVpOeIA) Member
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