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Dr Marc Andreu Morell Tipper
Chapter 6 ( CAIB -> Post-doctoral researcher )

Dr Marc Andreu Morell Tipper


Brief CV

Marc Morell is a postdoctoral researcher (Programa Margalida Comas 2017-2019 of the Direcció General de Recerca del Govern de les Illes Balears) at the Department of Geography of the Universitat de les Illes Balears (UIB). As part of his more general project for grasping the class character of the production of space in market society, Marc is researching on the relationship between gentrification and holiday rentals in residential dwellings.

Doctor in Advanced Studies in Social Anthropology by the Universitat de Barcelona (UB), Marc received his Advanced Studies Diploma in Anthropology and an MA in Human Cognition and Evolution at the UIB, as well as an MA in International Tourism Policy at the University of North London. He was awarded a BA in Social and Cultural Anthropology and a BA in History (both from the UB). He has been employed as a doctoral researcher and professor associat at the UIB where he is currently a member of the Grup d'Investigació Territori i Sostenibilitat and a collaborating member of the PRAXIS research team.

He is a collaborating member of the Grup de Recerca sobre Exclusió i Control Socials, as well as a member of the Observatori d'Antropologia del Conflicte Urbà, the Turismegrafies collective, the Perifèries Urbanes work team of the Institut Català d'Antropologia, the Mediterranianist Network of the European Association of Social Anthropologists, and of the Commission on Urban Anthropology and the Commission on Global Transformations and Marxian Anthropology of the International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences. Marc is also the secretary of the Institut d'Antropologia de les Illes.

He has carried out fieldwork in Majorca, Catalonia and Malta in diverse issues such as agricultural labour and extracomunitarian migrations; oral history, conflict and historic memory; cultural tourism and intangible heritage; and urbanisation and social movements. Marc takes an interest in the theoretical and methodological challenge of combining the ethnographic task with social theory, by taking heed of the tourist commoditisation proceses, the collective struggles for urban space and in how these dynamics contribute in the current making of class.

Marc is now teaching Rural Geography. Other courses he has taught in the past are: Geographies of Globalization, Urban Anthropology and Social Anthropology.

Among his most recent publications those that stand out are: «The class gap in gentrification», «Turisme per despossessió», The Making of Heritage (co-edited with C del Mármol and J Chalcraft); «When space draws the line on class»; «El trabajo de la gentrificación»; «De l'espai no te'n refies mai»; and «Working class heritage without the working class».

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Office Hours

Lecturer Tutorial Times
Start Date End Date Day Start Time End Time Location
01/09/2017 31/07/2018 Wednesday 10.00 12.00 Despatx 60 (edifici Guillem Colom)

Subjects taught. Academic Year 2017-18

Subjects taught
Subject Degree/campus
21132 - Final Degree Project
21119 - Rural Geography


Research groups

Group Membership type
Sustainability and territory (GIST) Member
Practical Philosophy Research Group (PRAXIS) Collaborator
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