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Dr Miquel Francesc Oliver Trobat
Senior Lecturer
Didàctica i Organització Escolar

Dr Miquel Francesc Oliver Trobat


Brief CV

Doctor of Education, Senior Lecturer in Teaching Education and Education Management at the University of the Balearic Islands (UIB). Currently he is the president of the Majorcan School Board (Consell Escolar de Mallorca). He is a member of the editorial board for various journals and a member of editorial committees for both national and international teaching-related works. He is part of The International Observatory on the Teaching Profession's (Observatori Internacional de la Professió Docent) scientific committee. He was the department head of the UIB's Educational Sciences Institute (Institut de Ciències de l'Educació) (2011-2016) as well as the first department head of the Education Research and Innovation Institute (Institut de Recerca i Innovació Educativa) (2015-2016). He was also the vice-dean and head of studies for Education Sciences in the Education Department at the UIB (2004-2010). He has been in charge of various postgraduate and master's programmes regarding human resources, cultural management, and teacher and administrator training for education centres. He was the UIB's representative to the Balearic Islands' School Board (Consell Escolar de les Illes Balears) for eight years. He is a member of the Education and Citizenship research group.

Areas of research

-Courses of training and work life

-Academic integrity

-Teacher training

-Environmental education

Latest competitive research projects

-Successful and unsuitable courses of vocational training at levels 1 and 2 in the education system (2014-2017) (I+D+I [Research, development, and innovation] Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness).

-Proposal for a competency reference framework for university professors and adjustment of training schemes based on teaching skills (2012-2014) (REDU [State Network of University Teaching]).

-Pathways from secondary education to employment: a biographical perspective (2010-2013) (I+D+I [Research, development, and innovation] Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness).

-Plagiarism amongst students in compulsory secondary education in the Balearic Islands (2010-2013) (I+D+I [Research, development, and innovation] Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness).

-Competences of Professional Educators in Europe (COPE) (2008-2010) (European Union).

Selected publications from the last five years

- Sureda-Negre, J.; Oliver-Trobat, M.F. & Comas-Forgas, R. L. (2016). Medidas para la mejora de la formación inicial de los maestros según el profesorado de un departamento de pedagogía. Bordón, 68(2), 155-168.

- Oliver-Frobat, M.F.; Forteza-Forteza, D. & Urbina-Ramírez, S. (2015). Análisis del perfil competencial del profesorado europeo. Profesorado. Revista de Currículum y Formación del Profesorado, 19(2) 281-301.

- Sureda-Negre, J.; Comas-Forgas, R. L. & Oliver-Trobat, M.F. (2015). Plagiarism amongst secondary school students: differences in terms of gender and procrastination. Comunicar, 44, 103-111.

- Sureda-Negre, J.; Oliver-Trobat, M.F.; Catalán-Fernández, A. & Comas-Forgas, R. (2014). Environmental education for sustainability in the curriculum of primary teacher training in Spain. International Research in Geographical and Environmental Education, 23(4), 281-293.

- Salvà-Mut, F.; Oliver-Trobat, M. F. & Comas-Forgas, R. (2014). Abandono escolar y desvinculación de la escuela: perspectiva del alumnado. Magis. Revista Internacional de Investigación en Educación, 6(13), 129-142.

- Oliver, M.F. (Dir.); Casero, A.; Portas, H. & Llobera, E. (2013). Anàlisi del perfil del formador de formadors des de la perspectiva practicoreflexiva a les Illes Balears. Palma: Institut de Recerca i Innovació Educativa. Informe de Recerca núm 8.


Office Hours

Lecturer Tutorial Times
Start Date End Date Day Start Time End Time Location
15/02/2018 31/05/2018 Thursday 11.00 12.00 A-117
06/06/2018 12/09/2018 Wednesday 12.00 13.00 A-117


Research groups

Group Membership type
Education and citizenship (EIC) Member
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